RealTick 7.7 TALDDE problem

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hayman, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. hayman


    Hi all,

    I'm working with a Townsend Analytics tech support person on this, but was wondering if any of you have experienced the problem below. I talked with someone in Townsend today, who said that they are going to force everyone to migrate upwards to V7.7, from V7.6, by mid-March.

    So, I migrated up to V7.7, and discovered 2 problems (one serious, the 2nd not):

    1) When I ran TALDDE32.EXE (the bridge S/W between RealTick and EXCEL), I could not run a spreadsheet of mine that has many formulas in it. When I opened the spreadsheet, and enabled the requisite macros, I didn't get any quotes, and TALDDE32.EXE started running at 99% CPU. This same spreadsheet worked fine in V7.6 with TALNET (the predecessor version of TALDDE32). I reduced the problem to a single cell in a spreadsheet that contained the following formula:


    The spreadsheet would get the first value of IBM's last price, and then TALDDE32.EXE would go into its hog-the-CPU mode.

    I am running Windows 2000 SP5, have 3.2 Ghz processor, and 1 GB of RAM, so resources are not the issue.

    2) I am running Norton's Personal Firewall. I created 3 rules that allow inbound/outbound connections (from any Internet address) to the 3 apps stipulated (rt332.exe, msgapps.exe, and ypermcahce.exe).

    When my firewall is enabled, and I try to start RealTick V7.7, the application hangs (never removes the RealTick splash screen). I check my firewall at this point, and NO rules are violated (I check my firewall's statistics page).

    However, if I disabled my firewall first, start RealTick subsequently, and then re-enable my firewall, all works well. This
    is a simple workaround, but have you seen this at all ?

    Would appreciate any comments from anyone who has experienced the above. If/when TAL Tech Support solves these, I will post the solutions on this thread.


  2. Catoosa


    I am sorry to hear we will have to all go to RealTick 7.7 by mid March. I installed 7.7 on one of my computers and found I lost support for one feature I use every day; So, I have gone back to using RealTick 7.6. TAL is also getting ready to dump ComStock data support which will be a real loss of some features I use all the time. I have loved my RealTick, but I may dump it when TAL dumps ComStock. I am very critical of a vendor when they cut the feature support. Lets hope the new data source will be better but I think the change is to cut cost.
  3. sprstpd


    I am a RealTick user. Is there some link you can give me where it says TAL will be dumping ComStock? If this is true, what features does ComStock add to TAL that won't be there in the future?
  4. hayman



    Suggest that you get on the horn with them immediately and talk to them about this, if you haven't already. Sounds like they will lose at least 2 customers otherwise.


  5. Catoosa


    I got my information on dumping ComStock from TAL support staff when I tried to use 7.7 and found I could not get all of the information I monitor in the 32 windows of information I display spread out over 9 monitors. Over the years, I have talked to and received information from ComStock staff several times and found out that ComStock provides a lot of information on fundamentals, charts, symbols, and indexes that go back for years and are not offered by other data providers. ComStock provides data to the big boys and large brokerage houses who want the most and the best and the cost is not a consideration. I fear that when RealTick dumps ComStock, RealTick will be just another charting and data provider like eSignal. I use a RealTick fundamental window that the current staff at RealTick can not find when I call them up. Two times I have e-mailed the file to them so they can look at it. This window will not work with 7.7 as the server for 7.7 does not provide the data. TAL may or may not be going to fast, reliable, cheaper data; However, I do not think TAL can find elsewhere the depth of data that ComStock offers and some of the functionality of RealTick will be lost. I am of the opinion that TAL has lost a lot of customers to eSignal and others. When the staff at TAL is unaware that a fundamental file exist that provides five years of data and have not included this file in the last few versions of RealTick, I can not expect TAL to use good judgment and make the right choices. If in the future RealTick does not offer more than eSignal, I could become a eSignal user and save $150 a month. Maybe TAL is getting ready to lower their monthly charge in order to compete; But, that is not what I need.
  6. hayman


    Apparently, under V7.7, when attempting to grab a Live Quote field, the call:


    causes TALDDE to spike to 100% CPU whenever that cell value changes via DDE.

    I haven't gotten a call back on this yet, but the person who took my message says she thinks there was a syntax change of some sort that is required, when moving from V7.6 to V7.7.

    Does anybody have the new syntax ? Could you give me an example of how it looks ?

    Thanks !