Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by ArchAngel, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. Wondering how many take this and whether you plan to keep doing so.

    I had been taking it for the last year or two, but I just got an email that they were ready to automatically renew me next week for $230 for the coming year, so I called and cancelled.

    When they asked why I was cancelling (after sitting on hold with continual advertisements blaring in my ear for over 15 minutes), I told them that I thought the whole service had sharply slipped and wasn't worth it anymore. So the guy said, "yeah, some people have left, but some others will be coming back. What if I could offer it to you for $149 instead?"

    I told him that I wanted to cancel all the more - because if they COULD offer it to me for $149, why the hell DIDN'T they offer it to me for that price in the first place instead of trying to rip me off for $230?

    I don't mind paying for valuable content or services (which I don't think is there in Real Money), but I REALLY and especially hate this variable pricing crap.