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  1. Anyone using the premium version of RM? I clicked all over their site and couldn't find out how much it costs. Guess you have to sign up for the two week trial to find out. The description of its features sounds identical to RM, ie trading diary, traders talk, options column, etc. Do they use the same chat room operators for the trading diary as RM or do they have actual traders? Wonder how long it will be before they roll out Realmoney Institutional Pro Official version, aka RIPOFF?
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    You better be careful or I will accuse you of being Cramer! How dare you mention another site on this forum!!


  3. newbie,

    Not too likely. Anyway, unlike Cramer and most of the RM columnists, I actually trade. Also, I don't have an extra cost e-mail tip service, but if there is overwhelming demand I will start one.
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    I don't use the service, but it's $2000 per year, or roughly ten times the cost of the "regular" RM.
  5. Yikes, $2000/yr. I wonder what it would cost to get all their push products as well? They should offer a gold membership that includes everything. Then after you signed up for it, they could introduce a platinum service that would have Doug Kass's minute by minute ruminations, Karen Cramer's daily thoughts and Jim Cramer's television schedule for an additional fee. They should change the name of that site to Bait and
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    To hell with them, I quit when Todd Harrison stopped his daily journal. Now that was worth reading.
  7. Magna,

    I agree, Todd was outstanding. To replace him with chat room jockeys is an outrage.
  8. I agree. Todd rocked the house... and he pu tit to Led Zepplin lyrics too!

    "Can't you do your own homework Marv!" Bud Fox
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    I have found that since Todd Harrison left RM that I read it less and less. I did email Cramer and tell him that I thought as AAA said that one membership for ALL products would be good. He agreed, but there is no way in hell I am paying $2000 for the PRO.
    When I joined you got all these guys for the cost of the membership, but now all you get for the basic is Ben Stein and the bitchy Dagen McDowell from Bulls and Bears.

    As for Doug Kass, he had a call on RMP for TYC last week at about $33, you may have been stopped at $27, or have made money at $35 if you waited. I never did see an exit posted of this trade. Although I can not say it was not posted.

    He was also quoted in Alan Abelson's column in Barrons as SHORT the homebuilders about a month ago, they dumped that Monday, but you would have been killed since. Not putting him down at all, he good, but just food for thought on the $2000 price tag.

  10. i dropped realmoney when todd left too.. they replaced him with a bunch of chat room moderators whose commentary is useless in that format (and for quite a few of them, useless in any format).. plus, cramer got out of the trading business and into the tv business.. nothing wrong with that, but the quality of his articles declined..

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