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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Babak, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. Babak

    Babak is having an "open house" Nov 12 2002. For one day you have free access to their material.

    I think it is a good place for some great stuff. My favourite contributors are Fleckenstein, Greenberg and Task. Remember that you can go back in the archives and read their previous stuff (not just their columns for Nov 12).

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    I like it when it's free. I enjoy reading Tom Kline. Does he publish there?
  3. I don't find very much useful information contained on that site. There is quite a lot of talk and insight into what is happening, or has happened, but very little I can base any trading decisions on.

    My brother thinks they are completely worthless as all they ever talk about are "buy this here. sell this there" and then just leave you to your own devices.

    I would tend to agree with him.
  4. Here's my list of Traders Edge type articles on RM. I found them very useful. Snag them while you can. You're getting something free from Cramer. Doesn't happen often.
    Preparing for a Trader's Life- By Alan Farley 08/20/2002

    Sharpen Your Trading Edge- By Alan Farley 08/27/2002

    Setting Up for Solid Trades- By Alan Farley 09/17/2002
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    aren't many of farley's good thoughts also on his site, ?

    though i cancelled my subscription from RM, there IS one drop-dead play that works...when cramer gets absolutely ga-ga over something - either long or short - fade him, and a HUGE amount of the time, you'll make money.

    he even knowingly mentions this in his book, where he relates going ga-ga over meeting a CEO, and coming out of the meeting, his partner sold out their stake...because he knew whenever cramer went gaga, to get OUT.
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    Well, if you want to fade Cramer he has been pounding the table on retail recently. Just yesterday, on Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum (aka Kudlow & Cramer) he was saying that he doesn't believe the well accepted idea that consumers are tapped out and will not push through a great Christmas season.
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