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  1. jordar412


    No wonder why this board has a terrible wrap on the internet. If you guys weren't worried about being elitists, maybe you could offer some constructive feedback instead of sounding like a bunch of kids bickering over stupid, petty, matters.

    I hope no one ever joins this board, or website in general. Plenty of other boards out there that wont waste my time. I feel my IQ slowly drop with every post I read from you guys.

    Honestly, get real.
  2. get off our board troll. This board is the top online trading board because we can smell trolls a mile away.
  3. jordar413


    Your nose doesn't have to be that good to smell yourself buddy.

    Lmao "top online board....." all 5 members that post during the day agree with you I'm sure.
  4. Maverick74


    That we agree on. :)
  5. Wow, mine basically jumped off Everest when I read yours.
  6. Candace


    Did you, by chance, mean "terrible rap"? How long have you been reading posts?
  7. Lucrum


    Yes, really.
  8. maxpi


    Just press the "Ignore All" button and when you come to ET you won't see anybody's posts.