Really, too much snow for a football game!!?

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  1. C'mon you east coast weenies! Football is supposed to be played in this weather. Now I know we are becoming a nation of pansies. Very disappointing.
  2. I agree was supposed to see the footie today- Everton v burnley- least we got the cricket- England v OZ- good to see we smashing the aussies
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    Is this why the Eagles vs. Vikings wasn't on t.v? Amazing huh!?!?!?
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    Ridiculous for any NFL team to not have an indoor stadium these days.
  5. I can remember as a kid going to the Met Stadium to watch the Vikes in three feet of snow and 20 below temps (for tailgating before the game with family).

    This game delay is a lawyer filled joke imo!!!
  6. Football is the most inane sport I've ever witnessed.
  7. It's not about players playing in the snow; it's about fans driving to the game and driving home from the game in the snow while drunk. It's a public safety issue.
  8. I may buy the public safety issue, but still call it lame. Indoor, what the hell! It is FOOTBALL! As a fan I have no issue going to Lambeau in a blizzard and enjoying a snow game. I wish I had a chance to see a Packers/ Vikings game at the old Met! Damn Metrocrap opened the year I started school at the U of M, which also had an outdoor stadium I missed out on. At least they rebuilt an outdoor stadium.
    You want an indoor stadium it should be baseball. I don't like paying for Miller Park here, but it is beautiful, and works great when the weather is crap. Not sure what the idiot planners were thinking in Minnesota for the Twins.
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    So it's a lame a bunch of philly as*hole fans who gets stupid drunk and belligerent at the games don't run over other people in dangerous snow conditions? yeah, real lame.

    Look, I want to see a outdoors football game like the good ol' days as much as the next guy but the game cancelation was the most reasonable decision made in football in a real long time.

  10. Maybe those drunk losers will drive into a pole and kill themselves. Now it doesn't sound so bad does it? Their families don't have to deal with their drunk loser asses, and hopefully will collect a nice life insurance check.
    Get a grip moron. It was tongue and cheek.
    I realize the NFL didn't want to show a bunch of east coast pansies in the 6 parkas, 3 pairs of gloves, 4 hats, and portable heating units in the stands crying because there was too much snow and cold for their delicate wimpy little selves. :D
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