Really? The Tea Party is not about Big Business or race?

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  1. Then where was the Tea Party when the GOP took the balanced budget Clinton left them and proceeded to dismantle it into oblivion? Where was the Tea Party when Dick Cheney made his historic clarion call in 2002 that deficits don't matter? 2002! Where was the outrage then? And where was the Tea Party when, year after year, the Bush administration went deeper and deeper into deficit? And why did they suddenly surface in force only when the country's first black president took office and inherited Bush's $1.3 Trillion budget deficit? How is it that most of the Tea Partyers had magically morphed from "patriotic" Bush supporters who demonstrably didn't really give much of a shit about deficits, to such single-minded fiscalists right at around the time that Bush handed the big, quivering ball of shit that he created to Obama? Why did that become the magic moment of mass transformation?

    Why is that?
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    Tsing Tao

    because the whole ball of wax exploded right around the time bush handed off the big ball of shit. and it woke up most people to things that only a few had realized before then. the "tea party" in it's current form is a wake up call of people who had been shouting at the rain (a small few) and finally were heard by the masses. they now realize (the masses) that bush was a problem (after the fact) and as such, recognize that obama is now the problem. it's called learning.
  3. Next you'll be asking where the tea party was during 1800's.

    Just keep moving the goal posts around...
  4. Really? Learning? So while W was consistently ratcheting up the deficit and almost doubling the national debt just during the course of his own admiinistration (from $5.727 Trillion to $9.849 Trillion, for a 71.9% increase), no one was the wiser? Or were they perhaps already too busy, feverishly sewing their Paul Revere outfits just then? When Bush was waging two wars AND handing out tax cuts at the same time, did that little tidbit just fly over their collective heads even though such a stupid thing had never happened before in the history of any country? I don't recall a murmer from any of the GOPers who had subsequently donned their triangular hats. How magical that the collective epiphany occurred just when Obama took office. Isn't it fascinating how such slow learners managed to synchronize in such large numbers so remarkably well at just around the time of such a historical presidential election? Do you think it might qualify as a miracle?
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    Maybe they just like to piss off closet gay, flaming liberal, busy body ,race obsessed Canadians. Like you.
  6. This is how someone who can't answer the question would respond:
    P.S. Lucrum, I see you still have gay on the head. Haven't found an ointment yet, eh?
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    Oh come now thunderpussy, it wouldn't matter how I answered you'd automatically disagree anyway. What's the matter anyway gabby? Nothing going on in Canadian politics? Or do you think you will single handily squash the tea party movement from across the border with your flaming liberal rants?

    Just call'em the way I see'em GAYfly.
  8. Oh, I have no doubt that you see gay wherever you go. Must be tough staring at the shaving mirror each morning, eh?
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    Factually speaking, it's mostly when I see your anti conservative rants.
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    Tsing Tao

    youre either being absurdly stupid today (which is not your MO) or perhaps youve not had your coffee yet.

    there WERE people whining about the budget and spending back then. they just weren't called the Tea Party and they were a lot, lot smaller than today. it was only after the crisis that the public woke up to all of the bad government/bank behavior that hit them in the gut. things like stimulus, bailouts, CDS, derivatives, Quantitative Easing...all of these terms were coined 2008 and beyond. the "movement" to stop it gained a lot of steam then.
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