Really good trading magazines

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by lojze, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. lojze


    I know Active Trader and Stocks and Commodities.

    Is there any better than those two?
    Which of the above is better?

  2. I find that there is usually one good article in each issue of those you mentioned and the rest is fluff and advertising
  3. Well I always take the mindset if I can just learn one new idea than it's worth a goldmine to me.

    With that I can also talk about

    Futures Magazine --


    Registered Rep (a lot of fluff usually in this one and only available to Series 7 licensed individual)

    Individual Investor

  4. Bsulli


    TradersWorld is usually good for one or two articles.

  5. Stocks and Commodities so I can get more of Don...:D
  6. Aren't you sure you don't get enough of Don here on ET?...

  7. skrilla


    I read TASC, AT, & Futures Mag. Each has at least one interesting article. Go to Barnes & Noble and read all three if you don't want a subscription.