Really bad first date: She hid in his house and wrecked Warhol paintings, police say

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    Sounds like he got the wrong woman drunk that night. :D

    That's the problem. If it's a brand new relationship, you just don't know how the other person is going to be like when under the influence. There's happy drunks, sad drunks, angry drunks, etc... but she just so happened to be a bat-shit-crazy drunk. :D
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    maybe it reflects her opinion of what she perceives as society's horrendous taste in modern art.
  4. Lindy Lou Layman....i like her already, o_O

    As far as I'm concerned...all women who hangout at bars are bitchy and crazy and psycho.

    I heard one time 'never feel sorry for a man who owns a yacht'...also expand that to any man who owns $100,000+ paintings.

    A young blonde pretty woman, and an older/middle-aged rich man. -- what could possibly go wrong with that wholesome relationship.
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    Relationships? The guy probably just wanted to bang a young slut and was dumb enough to bring her to his place on the first night with all the accompanying risks involved. Go to a $5000 hooker, get your rocks and be done with it.
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    Dang, thought I'd never agree with this guy.

    This is what happens when you bring some strange home instead of some midnight motel.
  7. Interesting her address is a 3 mil + house in Dallas

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  8. Dude must have been wasted himself not to see this as an obvious crack whore. You can do better than this for a few c-notes.
  9. That's a mug shot -- Everyone looks like drug addicts and mentally distraught and psycho in mug shots, and Drivers Licenses.

    I'm sure in better warm lighting, in the nightclub, with clothes and hair and makeup...everyone will look like a sizzling million bucks.
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    You know what they say - a 2 at 10 is a 10 at 2.
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