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  1. So, say you read a post on another forum created at 9:17 am

    "I see an early morning rally today with some light profit taking later this morning. Looking for the DOW to be up 200+ going into the early afternoon session but expect that to pull back in the late afternoon session. Techs will lead the charge today!!

    Closing bell prediction +80 to +180 range"

    As the day progresses you discover it to be 100% right. Now say that user posts daily and has a 100% track record.

    How is such a prediction possible?

    I refuse to provide any other information. Find the forum, read the posts before market opens, and see the results for yourself.
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  3. Never mind the PM, I found the site myself. I'll watch these calls. It's on such a weird site as well. UFO's, WTF??
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  5. There is better. RFT nails the bottoms/tops at the precise minute.

    Here are some numbers from the last Four trading days:

    Today (November 18) nailed the 1120 NDX bottom.

    Last Thursday's bottom at 1:pM.

    Thursday top of 1241.

    Last friday's bottom with NDX at 1179.

    last friday top of 1233.