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    Any experiences with their product Dose of Reality? I like them, but...

    When I see track record for this product

    it doesn't seems seriously to me because:

    1. I can see entry, but not exits points. It was there in the begining, with exact number of how many percent they made each month, but now, when I came back, I see, that they have changed it.

    2. I have free trial at March and I remember, that they have MRK at that time and when they have it long, there was bad news for that stock. Stock opened for trading lower under their stop loss. But in their track record I can see here, that trade meet their MPO (minimum price objective) and more than that. I don’t like this way of track record.

    3. In first months of their track record (nobody remember, free trials members can’t check) look at section MPO (1-3 failed to meet MPO). Compare it with last months…

    I have to say few things. I like I think, that they are one of the serious on the net. I want to be good trader, I like the explanation of every trade they takes in that product, it is good way to learn something for me but… those three things makes me sad…

    Please, I dont want disputing here, I just would like to hear your experiences with this product, recomendations etc.

    Thank you very much and please, sorry my English, I am not native speaker. ;-)
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    Well, I was registered at March 2002 and I have first post here... I should work on it... ;-)

    Have a nice day. :)
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    What's he supposed to call himself, kreplach? The guy's just asking for information.


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    may be it means, that my English is so good!!!

    Native speaker can't see difference!!!!

    Thank you very much Indextrader!!!!! :cool:

    So, any experiences or recomendations...?

    If your experiences are bad... Did you try something else?

    I am looking for product like that. Stock trading with trade explanation. And serious Track Record. Not trading room.

    Thank you for your time and all of you, who sent me private messages. :)
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    Exits have always been clear in the Dose of Reality. Many choose to exit their entire position at the MPO ( minimum profit objective), while others who feel the stock will move further will partial out and hang on for the bigger moves. In the recent chip chop market, the market has rewarded those who have been taking the quicker MPO moves, and I expect as a more trending environment returns the bigger moves will again be the place to be.

    I came up with the MPO after perusing the competition’s offerings one day. I saw again and again “top tick” track records. A trade was given, and the best possible price was used to pump up the woulda-coulda-shoulda recording of gains. At we have always been about trouting down the hypes and fantasies of the trading world, and modeling reality to best educate our clients. I figured since many others use the “maximum possible” profit for tracking, I would use a minimum profit objective for the DOR track record. If we were tracking just the minimum moves, then chances would be good that folks would be able to meet or even better beat the DOR record.

    Number 1, you must be mistaken about MRK. I have it written down as an entry long 2/26 at 61.15, and looks like it trail stopped on 3/7 at 61.74 for a +.59 gain.

    Number 2, It sounds like having only trialed the newsletter, you perhaps did not have time to get the whole picture. In the end, I can claim this and that all I want to, but for me and my teaching business the ultimate pass/fail is the turnover rate. If folks find value with the product....they STAY members! DOR has had an extremely low turnover rate in spite of a less then exciting trading environment, and our first losing month since inception. (Remember it’s reality ;) ) So I’m confident that folks are getting something from the DOR.

    We kept an 80% win.loss ratio up in the DOR for 6 months! Then we began this market base, and it has been very difficult to find good daily patterns that are good enough to commit to without watching them at the setup point. As it stands now, 80 out of 112 trades exceeded the MPO, for a 71% hit rate since Feb 2002. It would have been nice to stay at 80%, but this market has been quite challenging for the last few months. But I think folks learn a lot more from us when things are hard, after all when the trend is busting out, trading is pretty easy. It’s when the going gets tough that skill begins to really show itself. This month so far we have been super picky, and only have seen 3 trades set up. 2 easily MPO’ed, the 3rd trail stopped out for about ½ a stop. If your following the Dose of Reality, your bored but up for the month, better then a heck of a lot of other traders out there! Santa was not kind to us this Dec.

    The only complaints I have received from members have been about slow trading. I’m a firm believer in keeping my finger off the trigger till I see the whites of their eyes. For some folks, truth be told they are more interested in the fix that the action gives them, so get frustrated when we stand back from the market.

    Thanks.... We try!

    Good luck and Good trading,
    Bo Yoder
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