Reality TV idea (BLOWOUT)

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Would you watch it?

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  1. What do you think. 10 Traders, 1 million dollar margin accounts and 10 days to win or blow out.

    And offer a 1-800 numbers so viewers could post money via credit card on their favorite player (to help players meet fed calls or just speculate) and collect some of the winnings if they beat, or lose if they blowout.

    BLOWOUT on CNBC 8/9c

    I think it would do well.
  2. did you pitch it?
  3. Neat idea about the trading part. Don't think the betting part will get through legal easily.

    Could do the same w/ any dollar amount really since you know it's all or nothing. Even $100k/trader in futures could get fun.
  4. I'll be the casting director. You would have to have the "obligatory" traders from Queens, Brooklyn and Chicago, a few Irish, a few Italians, a few Jews, a few Ivy League douchebags, a few PhD quant nerds, a redneck, an East Indian, an Oriental, a retired old fart, a downsized software geek, a housewife, a Hooters Girl, some stock jockeys, some futures cowboys, a coke-bottle eyeglass wearing option trader. Mark Burnett, where are you? :cool:
  5. Damn that sounds like a great cast lineup.

    Where the hell is Mark Burnett??
  6. ryank


  7. Great idea, I'd watch it. Hope someone here can Kevin Bacon it
    into reality.