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  1. i was just wondering what happened to wasn't chris schumacher a partner of vadym graifer?

    it seems vadym is running the site alone with a new partner nesi as far as i can tell from his new website.

    anyone know what happened? lastly, his first book was decent and now i see vadym has a new book "how to scalp any market...."....has anyone read the new book? is it good, bad, so-so?? any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Chris usually monitors this forum. Maybe he will fill us in. I suspect diminishing revenues forced some changes. Even LBR has taken to trying to recruit past members. Not as many wannabes as there used to be perhaps.
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    Let me chime in before assumptions and rumors take over :)

    New website just reflects situation that exists for over a year. Reality Trader is being run by me and Nesi for quite a while. He is not a "new" partner by the way, old timers remember him from 1999. He is mentioned in TTR, page 77 - again, old timers might remember ancient legends about NY cabbie who traded from his car before moving in the markets full time :)

    Website is re-made because old one became almost impossible for visitors to find anything. Over the years material accumulates and site's structure becomes confusing. We made it more straightfoward and easy to navigate.

    Chris ran parallel service, GST Capital, for over a year. Current changes in his personal life and ensuing changes in his professional career are better to be left for him to comment on if he wants - I will limit myself here to congratulating him with those.

    I won't comment on scalping course, obviously I think it's good or I wouldn't be selling it... :) Just to assure you that nothing is happening to Reality Trader - there is an even newer book published after scalping course, The Master Profit Plan - fully devoted to trading plan development. And the most exciting project I am finishing over next month - video course on scalping with real trades recorded and narrated real time. Wanted to do it for a long time, finally got to it and have to say - it's my favorite. Just trade and comment, isn't that fun.

    I hope that answers the question. As you see, we simply continue doing what we did for years - trade and teach.
  4. A quick chime-in regarding threei... in my view, he is legit and the real deal when it comes to daytrading education...

    I have never been a client of his, but I have 'known' him for several years, starting off from his excellent work over at, before became big...

    Many of the ideas on scalping that I learnt from threei have worked profitably for me for several years, and a newer trader with an intraday mindset could do worse than visit

    Just my 2 cents...
  5. I purchased your scalping course, while I feel it gave good concepts on the nature of scalping I don't think it was thorough enough to take and trade from alone.

    Doing a video with live examples might complete the picture that was started with the scalping book. Will you consider making a special offer to customers who purchased the book that would like to get the video as well to understand and utilize the concepts fully?
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    Absolutely - that was the idea, to bundle them together.

    Let me also comment on your concern about "trade from this course alone". BTW thank you for this comment as it allows me to address a question I recieve often. See, I tried to emphasize that scalping is NOT a trading system - it means there are no setups specific to scalping. It's a mistaken concept, IMO. Scalping is a way to manage a trade in regards to risk/reward ratio. If you feel you can't trade on that course alone - it means you don't have defined trading system, as in setups, rules for entry, rules for exit (when I say rules here, I mean indications or signals if you will that constitute entry and exit). It's a common knowledge that someone's system is not necessary going to work for other traders - and that's why I described how scalping is done under any trading system, instead of pushing my own on a reader. In my firm opinion, a teacher will serve his student much better by showing him how to design his own system instead of claiming that his, teacher's, system is the "right one". Claiming that "this is the system you need to use in order to make money" would be huge disservice and outright dishonesty.

    The same goes for future video course. Of course I show the setups I play and in each video I identify them, explaining why I take this or that trade. At the same time, I wouldn't want anyone think that those setups constitute scalping. Even the same setup can be played in many different ways. One of the simplest, double bottom, for instance: you can take it aggressively at the beginning of second bounce; or you can take it conservatively at the confirmation point; or you can ignore the bounce altogether and wait for failure to short. Throw in Bollinger Bands to see if second bottom is within bands or outside, and you have even more variables. That's what I mean by designing one's own system, matching his personality and method of reading the markets.

    I hope it helps :)

    PS. If you plan on attending Chicago Expo, I will be glad to chat after my presentation on scalping.
  7. Permit me also to say something nice about Vadym. In the golden years, before Gresham's law appled to stock boards took hold, and the "bad money" of ET drove out the "good money" of SI, he was a selfless contributor to EricP's "Fundamentals of Daytrading" thread. His book with Chris is still one of the best there is. ET is graced by his presence. (Although this is not a prepaid endorsement, Vadym, please feel free to send me a check.)
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    In the mail :)

    Thanks for good words, I appreciate it!

  9. Thanks for the reply Vadym. I do have my own system of entry signals, risk/reward ratio and money management. However I continually try to learn new ways to tweak my strategies and reap more profit from my trades, hence my interest in your course.

    I used the word "trade" instead of "scalp" in that part of my post which was a mistake on my part. What I meant to say was that the book as a standalone was not enough to understand the art of scalping fully. From reading your reply to my post, as well as your intention to create a video to complement the book it seems that you agree with me.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the Chicago seminar, but I will be looking forward to your offer for purchasers of the scalping course. Best wishes.
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    I have signed up for the "online trading course" at reality trader dot com back in March. Ton of material which I have slowly been sifting through.

    Looking forward to the DISCOUNT on the new video course.

    So as an independant source, the site still works, except for the few broken links :mad:

    preparing a list and will send to the email on the site
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