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    We're developing a reality series pitch on currently unidentified brokerage firm in New York or San Francisco - ideally we'd like to find a smaller indie firm guided by seasoned pros staffed with young brokers. Concept is to get an inside look at the drama of the firm set against the personal lives of brokers.

    Any suggestions for a starting point?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. dumb
  3. A starting point? Go to a white-collar prison.
  4. The three things that people shouldn't ever want to see after eating a heavy meal:

    1. How legislation is passed.
    2. How hotdogs are made.
    3. How full-service brokers make their money.
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    Too familiar?
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    1. The Hill was one of Sundace's highest rated original series.
    2. Kosher hot dogs are 100 % beef.
    3. How do full service brokers make their money?
  7. A reality series on the inside of a Hedge Fund would be MUCH BETTER IMO!!!

    Traders are much better characters than brokers! :D

  8. :D nice reply! it's a great idea, with tons of angles and interest points for a wide audience.

    check out mike covel, he is shooting something about trading now.

    good luck,


  9. BORING!

    :D :p :D
  10. LOL!!!:D :p :D
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