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    To modify a famous Ayn Rand quote about reality,

    You can avoid the price of gold but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding the price of gold.

    Ever since gold breached a thousand the dollar has been in hot water, quantitative easing has become addictive, major yelling contest about debt ceiling, can't pay social benefits, the economy is continually getting worse. The next jump in the price in gold will be that much worse off for the economy and one day gold will jump to a price point where the mainstream media is going to be all over it and people will have blank stares about what it'll mean, the silence before the economic storm.
  2. I don't know how true this is because of the source, but I heard a guy on CNBC state that all the known gold in the world can be stored in 3 olympic sized swimming pools.

    Then they had a female gold analyst on who said prices should remain high due to strong worldwide demand for jewelry.
  3. Just like real estate will never go down since they can't create more land and population always increasing
  4. ===============
    Also while one can & some do find a ''sell U$D /buy gold deal'';
    the correlation isnt real high, nor is the USD really threatened as a world reserve currency.

    Also many people simply prefer gold , GLD[some silver, copper coins...];
    rather than a non kosher PIGS/pig paper..

    Of course none of that is a prediction:D
  5. Ayn Rand is all about modified reality.
  6. Sigh... I've been reading these "gold is crashing any minute now" stories for so long - it's getting old guys. At least try to mention some fundamentals - that might be refreshing for a change. For example, tell us why gold should crash when the gold/oil ratio is right at the average.
  7. 16 barrels/oz
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    High demand for Jewelry? That's funny. Gold is soaring because people are losing faith in the dollar, which is actually worthless and backed by nothing. It's simply a piece of paper, or a promissory note -- a promise for someone to work.

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    What people don't think about and still don't is the reverse Mida's Touch, if the Gov't touches it, it's doomed. So while I'm very bullish of gold I still fear it will be meaningless if there is an Executive Order 6102v2
  10. we've already seen the top tick of gold. that is....


    ok, im really going out on a limb here, you wont hold a few ticks against me. :D
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