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    lol, he's got a lot more battle scars to earn,...
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    He is a talented guy (media wise at least) ... The future of online trading education.
  4. gaussian


    Imagine having so much time day trading you can make a 30 minute video.

    Sounds like a good trader is one thing this guy isn't.
  5. damn, my trading sucks, let me make videos then
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  6. qlai


    Have you day traded during Summer?

    Making videos or doing any kind of journaling helps. I don't understand this bitterness ... Maybe you are past this stage, but don't you agree this is good context for people who haven't?
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    Anyone know any good books on technical analysis?
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    I assume you googled it. If you read one, you have read them all, imho. Move on to practice.
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  9. Good luck to him then I guess is the only thing that is left to say

  10. Daytraded during summer? That is the most ridiculous and the funniest thing at the same time I have heard in a while.

    Dude whatever your motivation, whether that is you or your buddy, leave the snake oil and low life trading coach gig to slick but broke Jews. The yellow man is supposed to be doctor or lawyer. What happened?

    P. S. For the easily outraged souls, the above is just a joke

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