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  1. traders should never make the mistake of leaving a firm solely to save a few pennies. I thought by going into the Assent office in Las Vegas i would not only save money but enjoy the free computers and rent. their was nothing free about that experience. I believe i would have been better off paying two cents a share! I never saw a firm with more hidden charges. I was surprised Assent did not charge their customers admission. The office is definitely the worst trading experience i ever had bar none. One of the Assent elite controlled the television often turning the volume up to an annoying level when a commercial he liked came on. The profanity level was shocking as virtually every bad trade was accompanied with a four letter utterance. No one could even agree on the thermostat settings. Although the office does provide their clients with free Dell computers the connections to the Hammer would often go down without any assurances from the technical staff as to when our service would resume. Assistance from the managerial staff at Assent was neglibile; once they got you in the door you were on your own. Trying to obtain an answer to a simple question was a chore and if you d idn't share the same political beliefs as the Assent power elite watch out. One new recruit to the Assent office who wanted to hang a small American flag was told to "get that thing out of here." I made the mistake of trying to maintain my individuality . Trying to preserve good business ethics and having an enjoyable office to trade out of aren't part of the Assent experience believe me.'
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    Each office has it's own vibe, depending on the guys in it and the way the bosses run the show.

    I've spent time in the Assent San Diego offce and it's the opposite of what you describe. Run by straight up dudes who bend over backwards to take care of their guys, a good, helpful crew of traders who all get along and any problem is addressed right away.

    Your experience is unique to that particular office, not all Assent offices.
  3. who wants to put up with office politics? not me

    " get that thing out of here" lol
  4. I never had any problems or any charges with Assent in NY.
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    why do people who talk crap on firms always use an alias and make it one of their first posts??

    if you don't like the office environment and aren't making money, don't bitch about it, do something about it or leave!!!
  6. So go remote! Assent has nice software for remotes. I can't deal with somebody next to me saying "who's your daddy" everytime he is short and a step down seller emerges. So i went remote only charge is the vpn for $100 per month.