Realistic trading results through planning

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hittinbidz, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. I have read many post about individuals buying the absolute low and selling the top on a gadzillion shares. My average day is $1,000 after fees. My range is $500 - $2000 gross. I rarely have a down day before fees, but occasionally have a down day after commissions and ECN 's.

    Everyday, I formulate a list of stocks that I believe will be in play. I use a list of 100 stocks that is constantly changing.

    I have a mental list of planned trades in the morning of which I wait for the set up throughout the day. I like to buy new highs, sell new lows, short up stocks through unchanged and vice versa, etc.

    If there is anyone who would be interested, I would love to help out. In return for such help, I would ask that one would do his or her best to bring something to the table in regards to trading ideas. Finding these trading ideas takes a lot of pre market and post market homework, but it pays off.

    I hope this will be the beginning of a productive thread. Please leave the heckling to other threads.