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    What are some realistic return percentages that a day and or swing trader can make on his account in a week and or a month?

    For instance return percentage for the:

    Average swing/day trader percentage: ?

    good swing/day trader percentage:?

    Master swing/ day trader percentage: ?

    week and month for each.

    Just because I'm a newb, and I always see some site trying to get you to buy their course by quoting a high percentage of return then quoting how much that would turn into through compounding. The compounding part sounds reasonable, but I want to find out what is a realistic return on a trading account so I can put some real figures into a compounding calculation.
  2. I would say that an average swing/day trader LOSES money.

    Good is probably b/e to slight positive. I don't have any specific numbers, but that is my guess.
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    Ok, let me rephrase my question. Of course the average swing trader loses money if %90 fail. The above question but add the word "profitable," in front of each one.
  4. Sorry - I was not trying to be a smartass. I don't even have a guess. I just know about myself.
  5. What about Grand Master swing/day trader. I once achieved that rank in foosball in my parents basement... I won about 90% of the time
  6. How about this.

    Average Trader 1%/month

    Good Trader 5%/month

    Master trader 7%/month

    ET traders -10%/month
  7. Most traders (vs. investors) don't concern themselves with ROI because it is not a real number. For instance, if one of our traders is making $5,000 per week, with $20,000 in his/her account, are they really getting a ROI of 20% per week? Of course not...first off, they're using $1-$3Million of our money to trade with, and secondly, traders "get paid" for their skill, dedication, discipline, and work ethic...the money is simply a tool that allows them to play the game.

    Hope this helps...

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    LOL :D
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    Ok already enough with the jokes. I was asking if there is an actual trader, who actually trades, that can give some sample percentages. Not guesses, not jokes.

    It was a simple question and all I wanted was a simple answer. Jeesh getting a straight answer here can be harder than wading through all the BS trader scams on internet sites.
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