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    You might also consider registering for a course at your local college or university. Often times, *anyone* registered as a student is given rudimentary health insurance (e.g. emergencies, in-patient care) for free or a small fee, while extended health plans are available at a drastically reduced cost. For example, I pay $1400 per year for extended insurance as a full time student; basic care is free.

    Many universities offer registration as a "special student", which is usually distinct from enrolling in a continuing education program. I would think that taking a continuing-ed class may *not* get you the insurance, but I could be wrong especially if you take more than one class...
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  2. JangoFolly,

    Thanks for the post about how you structured your health insurance with your s-corp!

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  3. Getting a group is easily done (two or more) and your Berk for Dis is right on. The poster with 1,200 hit/mon is way off compared to what they could have.

    Another route is med savings plus deductible approach.

    For those who are AARP age, that is a good place too.
    Dis can be upgraded periodically as your investment capital gets your earning power up. Always pay the extra to guarantee the longer term for the Dis. UHC manages AARP.

    older persons> If you noted UHC bought (8.1 billion) Pacific care which increased their pool from 53 million to 56+ million. All of this will show next contracting cycle with CMS as 0 prem for A, B C, and D coverage and Medicare can't run out and go to Medicaid with the UNLIMITED days in periods of. IT is health and wellness as well as the usual sick and ill.

    The copay on medicare is a killer and medicare runs out and then you spend down CA's and NCA's are liened (100%).

    In AZ, 750 K on Medicare and over a million on Medicaid after they did spend down. Poor is to be avoided. Only way is to have UNLIMITED days in periods of.

    LTC, if bought (pay annual) when first available, is a very good bet and locks premiums in at young age. Well under 3k a year with no end point for LTC.
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    If you don't have health insurance your one medical condition away from bankruptcy.

    Edit: If you don't have health insurance your one medical condition away from slavery since you won't be able to declare bankruptcy anymore.
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  5. =======
    Term life is cheap and you may want to study health;
    which for the most part isnt related to hospitals,
    most of medical exspenses are drug,cig abuse related,
    and are in may cases preventable.
    Few DRs know beans about prevention;
    conflict of interest for many of them/big pharma.

    Like an engineer friend of mine said;
    if refined sugar was introduced today as a drug it would never be allowed.:D
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  6. Getting a group is easily done (two or more) and your Berk for Dis is right on. The poster with 1,200 hit/mon is way off compared to what they could have.

    let me know how...pre-existing conditions in my 18 year old... no one will touch us...
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  7. A small correction and addition;
    that was supposed to be, most workers comp claims are drug abuse related.

    And would look at much more than health insurance;
    that person on the news who was 70 pounds overweight & got mad at her Doctor for being warned.

    Even if that person has the best insurance;
    that obvious refusal to take personal responsibility, will likely be unhealthy also.

    Perhaps the proper use of tobacco is have Carl Ichan rule them;
    dont recommend smoking like I did as a teen, and
    like my stepdad's Doctor said, lungs can & do heal even after stopping smoking:cool:
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  8. If you're single don't smoke or drink it's about $375 per month for BC PersonalChoice and coverage is good.

    I'm sorry to hear you have to think about this when starting out trading--not cool. I would have expenses figured out and put away so that you can focus and concentrate on your goal of being a great trader. I know how hard it is starting out without enough money but do your best to put away enough so that you can work with peace of mind. My 2 cents.

    You could turn it in to a positive and work harder than ever to add to your bookings. Either way, it's a pain in the ass like all other bills but i manage. A bigger problem is paying $600 per month on energy bills with an almost 70% likely increase in natural gas rates this winter season. I've been chopping a lot of wood. :D

    Good luck to you and good trading.
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  9. 2 doctors and an HMO manager are at the pearly gates waiting to get into heaven....the first doctor says "i was a pediatrician, i helped sick kids" St. peter says "you may enter.

    The second doctor says, "i was a psycologist, i helped people feel better about their lives" St. Peter says, "you may enter"

    The HMO manager says "i provided inexpensive health care for people" St. Peter says, "you may enter, but you may only stay for 3 days, after that you can go to hell"
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  10. I didn't read the entire thread, but my 2 cents are:

    Assuming that you are generally healthy and if you are quite young (less than 40 yrs old), then you don't need full insurance coverage. It makes more sense to buy disaster insurance with a high deductible and purchase an accident rider for up to $50k.

    The premium for this for a single non-smoker under 30 is around $180 or so + $40 for the accident rider. You have to play the probabilities when it comes to insurance and make sure you have the disaster situations covered.

    Does this make sense?
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