Realistic Goals

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by BustaCapGains, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Hi, I have been trading off and on for about ten years and more active lately. I am a consultant and tend to work for 3-6 months and then take similar time off. During these times lately I have been trading regularly. And with the economy in its current state it’s likely I might be trading more than consulting for the near future…

    My question is what is a realistic goal for daily/weekly gains with capital of $60-75k trading stocks?

    Also, this might be a stupid question but I have seen on a daily basis stocks filling far above or below the bid/ask price and am wondering if there is a way someone could get screwed into a fill at those extreme prices with limit stop/limit orders?

    As an example you will see a stock trading at $50 a share fill an order at $25 or $75 a share. The chart will display the spike and then after a few seconds return to normal. I am just wondering if there is a way a retail trader like myself could get screwed over and have my stop/limit order executed way below or above (depending on what direction the trade is) my bid – or if I happen to enter a market order simultaneously to a spike if I could be the lucky person stuck with the jacked up fill price.

    Anyway, just wondering… GL trading everyone!
  2. Dont trade stocks just options, limited risk given that you're not an option writer + you don't abuse the leverage and if you must have stocks, use them for covered calls/puts etc. There are too many strategies with options that you have many approaches to the market, the only caveat is the limited time since a contract doesn't last forever and also getting exercised when you don't want to be. Take the stop losses and limits off and cover them with options.

    best regards.