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  1. Dont get me started. California really is incredibly stupid in many ways.

    Pragmatism cant justify everything.

    Hey, I have an idea, let all the murderers out of prison because its too expensive to keep them their :confused:


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  2. Go to any ER in the for illegals has been funded for years....there are many people who work the system, take the red taxi for VIP service, then get picked up by their family with gucci purses, driving a lexus, and letting the tax payers pick up the tab.
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    So what are you saying? Everybody should sell their houses before their value goes down even more?
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  4. Im not saying anything, but as a trader, this is is like watching huge size on the offer stepping down and down and down all day long :D

    This is the scariest ive ever seen any housing market.
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    You can buy futures in the real estate market in most states. You can bet weather houses will go up or down. lol.
    Trades on the CME website.
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  6. This is nothing, check out Japan's real estate bubble from 89-present. As far as I know still not an uptick.

    It was like this 15 years ago in the major housing markets. Housing is just a bigger asset class now as you account for the record home ownership in the US. Nothing new.
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    Nope, it shows foreclosures AND all their other listings,

    Its list of homes for sale is not as comprehensive as many of the other sites, but here is a datapoint for you.

    Compare that to:
    211 pre-foreclosures
    64 Auctions
    146 bank owned

    and you can see the insanity going on.

    I searched (searches MLS database) for all homes for sale in 92130 zip code and it gave me a list of 245 total.

    I checked and put in San Diego single family homes and it shows 2,985 properties ??
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    Like this?
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