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    just saw the commercial for MTV's "Real World Las Vegas", I emailed them and suggested they take a trader from every prop firm in Vegas and do a series on them and put them all in the "equivalent" of a East coast loft living situation...that would be interesting to hear those stories every night as they come home from making all those BIG dollars the prop firms let you believe are their...."like vacuuming up $100 dollar bills" is one I've

    Sorry slow day today thought this might prove an interesting distraction.

    Good trading all...

  2. Hey Wiz, count me in.....I'll bring the vacuum!! It would be a small loft, not a big house....

    Don :)
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    Thought that might catch your eye...hey hearing great things from my friend their in Vegas about your "Boot camp" sessions!!, he had a little problem trading the spdr's the other day but back on his game w/ GE today.

    Yeah you could do a whole soap opera on traders I think...of course the only ones that would be interested are other traders....let's see it could be called..."Trades of our Lives" or something like that...

    Good trading all...

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    Hey Don, you should've brought one of them in and taught them how to trade. Talk about major publicity.

  5. Dinky: I'll have "my people" call "their people" and we'll "do lunch."

    Thanks Wiz....we took the "boot camp" out to lunch today, the 12 new traders in our class. It's good to get them away from the office so they can open up a bit about what they need help with.
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    >"boot camp"


    What is that "boot camp" exactly ?
    You referred to that a few times...

  7. A few months ago I sat next to Altin, one of the new
    kids on that show, on a plane heading for san diego.

    We chatted for an hour about the show.
    He really hated having to leave.

    MTV paid them $50 G's to live in a sweeeeet pad
    and be filmed like that.

    Then they go on tour and get paid to speak, several G's
    a pop, after the show is complete.

    Must be quite the experience. Nice walking away
    with a pile of cash and heading to college like that.
    What a great start.

    Looking forward to watching the show. Im already
    clued in on stuff that happens..... like who
    hooks up with who...heh... :D

    Small world.....



  8. We're beta testing a longer term, more intensive training program for newer traders. My brother and I, and a couple of other traders are working closely with a group of about 12, helping with openings, intraday reviews and discussions during the trading day. So far it seems to be working well. Our purpose is to help with the initial learning curve, and to make them feel more comfortable with the equipment and their own trading.

    I'm hoping to expand the program in the next few weeks.

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    .......what a "off-the hook" cannot believe they can show (or TRY to blurr out) that much nakedness on TV! And man it's going to get even more I kept thinking about having a a REal World show highlighting trader's from Bright, Andover, Echo, etc all living in a really tight house in Las Vegas and watching the daily interactions...thenI fell asleep...

    good trading all...

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