Real Vacant Home Inventory 3.4 to 4 Million - If You Know Of A link

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  1. Someone who works in the industry told Ratigan on the closing bell that the real vacant home inventory is between 3.4 and 3.9 million homes today, and that this is evident from mortgage and banking data that has already been provided to the Federal Reserve.

    If true, this would be twice the number that's been reported frequently.

    Does anyone know where this data exists, or can you provide a link?

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    Now is a great time to buy or sell a home
  3. Chagi


    Those pics reminded me of a recent trip to the investment section of a bookstore, huge quantity of "Real Estate Investment for Dimwits" type books. Heck, there was even one on Commodity Trading for Dimwits...
  4. The bookstore shelves are a good source of contrarian type investing. Back in 2000, they had mostly trading and investing books on shelves (in their general rack areas) and almost nothing on real estate. In 2006, there was mostly real estate and very few trading/investing books around.

  5. munebags


    Nice comment.

    This statement is the most sage I believe I have read on ET.

    Without fail though bubbles always take longer to inflate and deflate than normally considered. Remember all the "Get Rich with Nothing Down Real Estate" books peddled by "gurus" as the 80's RE bubble was popping. Then these same "gurus" were publishing how to daytrade internet stocks in Feb. 2000.

    What's next?
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    How to make millions working from home... a turn-key solution!

    Has anyone else noticed that commercial on TV with people saying stuff like "I made 5 thousand dollars this month, thats more then I made at my job yada yada..." and their internet address at the bottom of the screen changes every few weeks?

    I'm telling you its the work from home bubble!

  7. Yeah, same actors, slightly different clips or even the same ones, different web address.

    Actually, I think that's all just that one company, and what they do is sell access to you as a prospect to the companies running the scam at home jobs.

    What amazes me is that it continues, so that must mean that they keep finding people willing to be scammed, otherwise they run out of money to advertise it.