REAL unemployment over 22%!

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    yep, out of a job for more than 6 months and they sneak you right off the list. Not even counted for in the data, amazing isnt it. And everyone still cheers that the recession is over and happy times are here again.
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    Jeez, you guys need to get with the program. There's a really good show called 'American Idol' that you should be watching.
  3. Nobody believes this BS anymore.
    Everyone (even shoeshine boys and cab drivers) knows the worst is only beginning.
  4. Garcia, what are you doing to prepare for 'the worst'?
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    I love how the jobless claims are huge every month, yet the highly watched unemployment rate holds steady.
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    Most people don't realise that for over 10 years now we've had job destruction each and every year, not even including population growth.

    Also, we've supposedly added jobs this year, but not enough to even keep pace with population growth.

    The unemployment rate for young black men is nearly 50%

  8. Where the hell do you live that there are shoeshine boys?
  9. It's a shame blacks don't make more of an effort. After all, government and business hire and promote blacks even when they demonstrate somewhat subpar abilities... Affirmative Action.

    Business and Government REALLY want to hire minorities to "show how PC they are", especially blacks, if they are anywhere nearly qualified..

    Blacks are missing the boat for not picking themselves up by their own bootstraps.. business is waiting to welcome them with open arms.

    Sorry, I don't feel sorry for blacks who didn't go to school, didn't do their homework and became unemployed gang punks. We all need to take responsibility for ourselves.
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