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  1. Few real traders. i guess the real traders trader too much to post
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  2. I don't understand what you guys are on about -- this board has a good mix of serious trading discussions and off-topic interesting discussions. This board in no way resembles Yahoo stock boards. In fact, this board is a step beyond Raging Bull.

    Here is a sample of Yahoo:

    When was the last time you saw that crap on this board? Get a life! There is more to trading than trading!
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  3. nitro, the new cobra is fine. The old one is a classic and incredible. More incredible still is the original A/C Cobra -- Thank you, Carrol Shelby.

    <A href="http://www.carrollshelby.com/"><img src="http://www.carrollshelby.com/images/main_r2_c1.jpg"></img></a>
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  4. For the record, imo, ET is infinity and beyond compared to Raging Bull as far as content. But ET seems to have been invaded by a bunch of junior cadets lately looking to turn it into another Raging Fool, er Bull.

    The quality of the posts has really gone downhill while the immaturity of the replies has skyrocketed. Whatever, my posts per day have dwindled because the good stuff here is so buried in between the jr. high comments.

    Some good reading comes from going way back thru the old posts though, well before I got here, and names of guys you don't see here anymore.

    Btw, I'm hip to the new Cobra myself. That's not to say I didn't enjoy some of my older Corvettes, especially the '72 454 rat motor. On those back roads in Texas it was nothin' but straight and flat and wide open doin' 155 with pedal to go.

    Gas was about 50 cents a gallon then, and cigs were the same.

    The old days...
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  6. I read this board for quite some time before ever making my first post. I still read a heck of a lot more than I post.

    I never have considered myself to be very intellectual and don't even care to argue many points.

    I never have been a big size trader and may never be. I watch the markets each day and usually put on trades each day. I also may fall asleep in my chair on any given day.....lol....

    I enjoy reading many of these threads and usually come here at the end of day or late at night when I can't sleep. (must be something to do with those intraday deadzone naps) Had a good long nap today - market didn't look like my kind of play.

    I agree with tnteo about the possibilty of the frustrating market conditions bringing in some frustrated posting/ arguements etc. So be it, they don't affect my bottom line.

    I really enjoy this board though and to name a few, tnteo, inandlong, allenz, gnome, darkhorse, chas, publias, gordon, aphie (gotta admit the young man has moxy) brandon, rs7, huios, tonysandiego, meetooxx, profitseer, slapshot, cash and many, many more.

    My list of those that I enjoy reading is much longer than the ones named above, heck I'm lucky to remember that many names. It is not important to me if any of these posters make x amount of $ per day, week, year.

    It's not so important to me who has traded or how much they have traded, how much they have made in a lifetime or how much they have lost. I just like reading about trading. I have seen some good content come from trader wannabees. Sure there will be much to learn, But who am I to say it can't be done. (probably won't go according to plan...lol...but I enjoy reading the enthusiam of youth.)

    I have seen a lot of bashing and so forth, some maybe warrented and some maybe not. Sometimes I am amused by it and sometimes I am turned off by it. I must say that Don B. seems to maintain a certain element of class, when he gets bashed, in that he doesn't start ranting and raving like a king baby. I don't know the man, never traded with the man, never paid the man a dollar of my $ and therefore have no reason to bash the man. I must say that I respect the fact that he maintains a grown up man's attitude when being attacked and for that I have a certain amount of respect for the guy.

    Now if anyone wants to attack me for saying that then go right ahead. I am my own man, intellectual or not. I probably won't reply to it though.....lol...

    As of late I have begun to wonder about many of these threads turning into traders/posters whatever, getting into what I would like to now term "jerry springer, fights" Maybe this is a product of market conditions. Maybe it is just a lack of "CLASS" It would seem that intellect and class don't always go hand in hand.

    I suppose we all have our low class moments/periods, some even years, sometimes. I can name some times, even years, that I exemplified very little class.

    As I have grown older, I think I have mellowed a bit and surely hope that I have begun to develope some inkling of having a bit of class. I know one thing for sure, if I want to be taken seriously by those that matter, I get a lot better response when I refrain from having the "King Baby Syndrome" The old saying, "you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar" holds true in life. And you end up feeling a whole lot less stupid on the occassions that you find out that you really were wrong.

    I personally could care less, who makes what, how much and when. Who's a bear, who's a bull, etc. Good traders are bears when they should be bears and bulls when they should be bulls. I never have quite gotten the idea of saying something like, "we bulls are gonna kill you bears now", or vice versa.

    Heck I just like to be on the correct side of the move, and don't really care if the market is going up or down. I just don't want to see it flatline.:D

    I think that patience and good trading do go hand in hand. So with that thought, I will try to be patient, with as much class as I can. Read and learn, trade and learn, and maybe, just maybe, someday be able to trade some "real" size, from my own account.

    If I do very well, then great (I believe the odds are decent of this coming true), I'll probably give a lot away, on the other hand if I never get to "master trader status" whatever that is' (probably as many different opinions of that as there are active posters) then so be it. I sure have had fun and met many good folks along the way.

    Thanks Baron for this website - live long and prosper !!!

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  7. I'm glad you guys posted, and hope to see the board continue in a way that can be both informative and pleasant.

    I know that I can count on some good questions, some of which make it to the magazine, and I thank you all for that!!

    Trading, as a profession, is going through some real exciting changes right now, and I'm looking forward to the next few years....

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  8. Donkell


    originally posted by Plumlazy
    I never have considered myself to be very intellectual and don't even care to argue many points.
    I agree, as well as with the idea of more deletions by the moderators.
    In fact, along with any bashing etc. or most off topic junk could be remedied by requiring the posting of the poster's last week's or month's trading account activity.
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