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  1. I scanned the thread about 90%, 10% guess of who is actually trading and who is merely a casual observer or interested party.

    Based on personal emails, school attendees, Bright Traders, and many other traders who have come through my office...I think I have a pretty good "feel" for those on the board. No one has numbers for this, but I can give you a pretty good feel....for whatever it's worth.

    I respect other "guesstimates"....

    I think a big number of "lurkers" actually do trade during the day, and don't post very much. Sort of an "unwind" at the end of the day, like reading a magazine of interest. These Real traders, may on occasion, make a few solid comments or post questions, but mostly just read. Much like the newspaper, how many actually write letters to the editors?

    I think we have a pretty healthy slice of relatively "new" traders (those who may trade 10-50 times a month or so), who are seriously interested in the profession.

    As far as the percentage who take more than $250K/year, every year from the market, I would guess we have 10% or so ( actually a big number), but they don't post much (see above "lurkers").

    I "poll" every class we have, and whenever we have trader meetings, to see how many know about ET, and am often surprised by how many smile at me, pat me on the back as if to say "how do you deal with some of these guys?"

    I speak of ET on the radio show (yes, I'm a glutton for punishment at times, lol), and point new people to the site because we do have a wide cross section of traders, retail and professional. I have made some serious friends on this site, and as you all know, I am always dodging bullets from some......but for the most part, even the nastiest of people (at times) have wound up with a mutual respect, and we can go forward.

    The reason for saying all this, is because I have been part of "online communities" since the 1980's, and I really think that we have a good group here. Just enough rabble rousing to keep it interesting, just enough professionalism to keep it real, and I think that everyone should be proud of the site....

    And, regardless of what some people may say, I do my best to inform when I can, and to do the best for the industry we love....without ever "talking down to anyone"....and I admit that I may come off like "marketing" too much, but the truth is, I feel that the more people know, the better decisions they will make...period!!

    Sorry for the long post......

    any other thoughts??


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    I agree with your observations, and would like to add that as most of the posters are not actually "real traders", topics of the posts are really becoming irrelevant to a trader site. It is like Wall street Journal having National Enquirer's news.

    People who come here don't want to read about two virtual people having some silly argument.

    Alot of people say that you can always read the good parts and skip the parts you don't want to read. What do you do when you find that magazine you sit down to read is full of rubbish, you don't search thru every article to find something to read, you just change your magazine.

    Thats reason I am a strong believer of moderators deleting all the rubbish from this site.

    ET was my first place of visit every night, now it is probably once a week.
  6. yeah, please dont let this end up being like yahoo. maybe membership should be reviewed or screened.
  7. ... or we could have a feature where instead of "ignoring" someone, you could select the people who posts you do wanna see :)
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