Real traders have no competition what so ever, absolutely none

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    Sure we have all seen and talked to average ETer, but have you ever seen and talked to in real life some of these young starter upers who seem like they have a chance.

    I haven't, all the people about 20 of them who were interested in trading that I've seen were absolutely incapable of putting in the work and thinking needed.

    one of them even told me that he knows its a lot of work so he decided to go for wisetrade internet scam and try and make money that way.

    Academics don't stand a chance either because they approach the problem with time stops :)

    What few traders are the real deals, we don't even compete with each other, there are too few of us :D
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    MODEL YOURSELF after me

    I never smoked a joint of marijuana

    I never smoked period

    I got drunk once in my life

    I never did hard drugs

    I never placed party before work

    I never placed popular opinion as my own just to fit in.

    I don't drink coffee, never did

    I do collect legal weapons

    I do use call girls sometimes

    I do drive like a maniac, don't respect small laws

    I do consider most people to be mindless sheep

    I do lie when I can get away with it
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    PS: I do work for ET to generate traffic :D, people LOVE a self absorbed guru
  4. And your point is?
  5. Aboveyou


    that you should be more like me, Creative, courageous, generous, genius, lover, poet, warrior, mentor, father, liar, philosopher and last but not least

    A GOD

  6. you do live in your mothers basement

    you do work as a mall security gaurd

    you do like to play dungeons and dragons still

    you do wish you could trade

    you are a tool!
  7. You're not fit to lick the dirt from my shoes.
  8. You don't say....
  9. Until you tell everyone the story about the first time you accidentally sucked your best friend's d**k

    (This thread has no substance. It is here for conflict only and a moderator should immediately delete it!!!)
  10. are you a god or maybe just gody?
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