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    Did anyone catch the last episode? I've never seen such useless bickering in my life. There is no way this country is going to come together again until either another war or terrorist attack or natural catastrophe. This country is so divided. They spent 20 minutes screaming at each other over Obama's initial comments after the Benghazi attack. Maher would not shut up about "his" interpretation and that black woman, whoever the f*ck she is, was THE most annoying guest I have ever seen. My God.

    I will say this, if Romney wins, we will see riots in this country. Count on it. The media will immediately launch voter fraud investigations. And you will see this country just implode from within. These liberals will not accept under any circumstances an Obama defeat. I'm warning everyone right now. It's going to get ugly.

    And there is already talk of Obama winning the electoral vote and losing the popular vote. It appears that is a very clear possibility which will mean there is no way there will be any compromise coming from Congress on anything. I'm really serious about this. This is going to get nasty.
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    Despite Obama's campaign promises to unite us?

    Let those mofo's riot. I love the smell of dead rioter in the morning.
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    I was planning on mulching the rose bushes next month anyway...

    My real concern is the fact that .308 Winchester costs about a dollar per shell. If the villagers elect to ascend my driveway with pitchforks and torches this could get expensive.
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    Real fun is hardly ever cheap my friend. :)
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    lol :)
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    LMAO. Yeah, I'm ready, too, should they decide to riot outside their own neighborhoods. I just wish I had a mountian to defend like OHMS. :D

    BTW, OHMS, you can wait until 2 or 3 of them line up in a line in your sights before you shoot and get multiple kills per bullet.
  7. At the moment I'd say Obama wins the electoral vote and Romney wins the popular vote. That will leave a country and a congress severely divided, and a guarateed economic depression.
    Should Romney pull it off, it will be by a nose with plenty of protest from the media. Expect them to fan the flames if any rioting occurs. Ugly as that will be, it will end within a few weeks and the country will heal and move on.
    Bottom line. Romney victory we experience some short term pain which will probably result is some people losing their lives during the riots. Obama wins and the entire country implodes into a long term depression. Thousands will die as a result. It's clear a Romney victory is the best case senerio.
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  9. yeah, really.

    these guys are wacked.
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    If that happens there will be plenty of us heading to the California border with our saws.
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