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  1. I'm looking for a trading simulator. I would really like it to do commodity futures as well as stocks but from what I have found, they are either/or, no?

    I tried and the UI is nice but very limited.

    First of all, it cannot do live paper trading. The most recent data is always 3-4 days old.
    Second, you cannot compare a certain stock's chart to an index or another stock.
    It doesn't do commodities or bonds, only stocks. Which they probably mentioned on their site (I didn't look carefully).
    And lastly, it's very clunky. I suppose that's because the UI is actually run in a browser. But it crashes often, and loads slowly.

    Does anybody have a paper trading/simulation platform that does EITHER stocks or commodities? I would prefer it to have a free trial that I can sign up for (like
    I really would prefer it to be as close to live as possible. I don't mind 15 or 30minute delays...
    Of course, other stuff such as the GUI are important.

    Thank you very much!
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  3. Thinkorswim has two options for this: Live paper trading for demo accounts, and an "OnDemand" feature if you opened an account with them.

    "OnDemand" is awesome... they record all trade data on a tick level, including level 2s and TaS, for the last 6+ months and can replay it for you in your platform on demand.

    Want to see how you'd trade the nasdaq reweighting from over a month ago? Just tell OnDemand to load that friday and you're trading it as if it's happening all over again... fun stuff, great for practice.
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    Global Futures offers several different platform simulations; click here to see all our platforms.

    To learn more or to request a free demo click here to visit our website or contact me directly.

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    T 877-367-3177 Toll Free (USA/Can)

    T 818-996-0404 International

    *Contact a broker for pricing details.

    There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures, options, and forex. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
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    I used tradestation's simulator to do pager trade for a while. However, the results of simulator is so different than live trade.

    I am looking for a simulator which result is quite close to one of live trade.

  6. anything that worked on linux? ubuntu in particular...
  7. you can paper trade in real time with the demo of das trader or speedtrader, but only for seven days for free.