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  1. chuzek


    Does anyone know of any place that offers real time stock quotes via a XML, REST, or SOAP API?

    I don't mind paying a small fee and it can be either Level I or II quotes, just as long as the bid/ask prices are representative of the market and not just from a single exchange.

    TD Ameritrade offers such a solution, but I don't want to be restricted to their brokerage.

  2. Bob111


    what do mean by that? you need quotes to watch or to trade?
    how many symbols?
    you can forget about FULL free L2 quotes.
    you can forget about L2 for multiple symbols.3-5 tickers max. even for fee.
    many brokers\data providers charge for quotes from ARCA ECN separately

    with TD you can open an account,deposit 1 cent and have your L1 data via API. + historical.
  3. chuzek


    This would be to trade. I would probably need to evaluate 1 to 10 symbols per request.

    L2 is not a requirement.

    I wanted to see if there are any API alternatives to TD, free or not.
  4. Bob111


    plenty. use google or browse brokers section here.
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  6. chuzek


    I mean an XML API for quotes, not for trade executions.
  7. AFAIK their minimum account is $2000. Yes, I know, "1 cent" was meant metaphorically.
  8. Bob111


    not really..when i open online account with TD they put 2K on account(savings rates are about 5% back then)..i never deposit the money on account, and they withdraw their money within week or so..but the interest from those 2K was like 1 or 2 cents.
    so..i still have that account and i'm using it from time to time.

    that was during the go go years. now it's probably different,but-you can deposit 2000$ via ach, then withdraw 1999$.
    probably same thing with something like MB trading,scottrade and so on..scottrade-you can use it via QT API.
    here is full list along with descriptions of each source
  9. Bob111


    don't what's the difference between XML or not XML API, but as far as i remember QT is using XML. but you need a registered version for API access and separate data source

    both TD API and QT are created by Jerry Medved and his brother. and should be similar.
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