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  1. CAn anyone tell me what the best (REAL-TIME) trading software is for trading futures and equities. Is there a fee to trade these systems for more than a 1 month trial? Thank you. It seems to be hard to find a real-time simulator vs. a garbage simulator that is not in sync with the real time price action of the market.
  2. I think the simulator from IB is pretty good. There are two different simulators from IB. One is that you can just sign on to the Trader Work Station with the logon edemo and password demouser to give you a simulation with delayed data. The other and much better way is to sign up for a simulated account using real time data. I believe you need to be a real money account holder to sign up for the latter simulator.
  3. Supposedly, the IB Papertrading account is the same as a real account (run on the same server) but funded with "fake" money. When I've compared them side by side, they seem to be pretty much in sync and it also seems to track my ThinkorSwim platform as well.
    You need a funded account to open a Papertrading account.
    I only find the demo trading account useful for messing around with API stuff on Saturdays (when IB regular accounts are offline).
    You will still need some kind of data recorder if you wish to replay trading days to practice, however, as IB doesn't let you do that.
    But if you have an IB papertrading account, you can use Ninjatrader (don't have to pay unless you want to submit live orders). I don't have much experience with the Ninjatrader order simulator, so I can't comment on how realistic it is.
  4. sterling technologies has free demo accounts with realtime feeds and simulated (although limited) executions for two weeks, they will often let you renew.

    MB trading has similiar demo account with live feeds.

    genesis has simulated executions with live feeds for 1 week trials.

  5. Ninjatrader with Zenfire has a good demo, it is very realistic. You can set it so that it has to trade all the way through through your price level, not just to it - this is important for realistic "fills"

    Also, you can set the latency, delay, etc. to accurately simulate real conditions. It uses the same feed for live as for demo.

    I also use Ninja for live trading, and frankly can't tell a lot of difference, except with live trading the fills are usually faster and limit orders get filled at my exact price level sometimes without trading all the way through.

    Ninja is free for the demo trading, but you need a data provider. Usually the broker like Amp or Mirus provides the Zen feed, it is free with an account.
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    Basic where you can learn to trade the mini-dow for $40 a month . I wish more companies would offer this service . It's crazy not to practice . Use moving averages like 9 ,20 and 50 and longer time frames like 3 or 5 minutes.
    Best of luck.
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    get a cyborg sim account. most realistic fills for stock sim.
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    What is the best platform for papertrading futures? This thread is several years old, and I'm wondering if there are any new/improved platforms that cater to those of us who wish to papertrade for periods longer than 14 days (or however short the "demo" period is for signups at some sites).