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  1. Does anyone know of any software that will allow real time scanning. I have a few fairly simple PCFs in TC2000 that I would like to execute at 3:45 and get closing prices instead of waiting for the next open.
  2. TC2000 is not real time and you have to subcribe to TCnet
    for 99$ for real time, still it is not streaming.
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    what exactly do you need?
    PM me
  4. Check out my Poll on " what is best scanning software real time?"
  5. Take a look at Good price. 5 day free trial.
  6. It is not streaming and not customaziable for differnet intraday
    (5, 10,15, 30 min,...time frames.
  7. Try
  8. True, Nana. Their charts are not customizable. I emailed them about that, and that they should add scrolling stock charts. They are still looking at that. BUT, their filters are great and I place the scan results on another site for viewing the charts. Someday maybe someone will have it all in one place.
  9. Why is it that real-time scanner designers do not use scrolling stock charts to display scan results? You execute a scan and pull up 50 results. The only thing you know about these 50 stocks is that they match your scan criteria. You do not know which of these stocks have the chart patterns that you like. The only way to view these charts quickly is to have scrolling stock charts, NOT individual click chart tabs - that's too slow. Email all the real-time scanner providers and tell them to add scrolling stock charts, because clicking on 50 individual chart tabs takes too long.
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    FirstAlert does all that, including scrolling charts. But it's pricey.
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