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  1. Hello,

    Can any recommend any software tools that will insert real time quotes into a user specified cell of an Excel spreadsheet? has such a product called Qlink. Unfortunately, it is no long supported and the quotes that are retrieved by Qlink sometimes are cross-linked with other quotes on the spreadsheet. Not good!

    I've looked at QuoteCat's product, which comes close. Unfortunately, it uses quotes from Yahoo's websites with may not be true best real-time quotes (since it's coming from ECN's).


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    You can take 40 different stock, options or futures with multiple fields, bid, ask trade size etc into excel with Interactive brokers trader workstation. Works very well.
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    With RealTick you can pull real-time quotes into Excel. For general information purposes for the RealTick Users on Elite Trader here is how you can use Excel.

    Just follow the below steps:

    1. Open RealTick
    2. Click on ‘Start’ then ‘Programs’ then ‘Tal Trading Tools’ and finally ‘TalNet’
    3. Leave the TalNet screen open, but minimize it.
    4. Click on ‘Start’ then ‘Programs’ then ‘Tal Trading Tools’ and finally ‘Quotes97’
    5. Click on ‘Enable Macros’
    6. Open new Excel sheet
    7. Select line 3 in column 2. Click on the lower left hand corner of the cell and drag across to column 8.
    8. In the upper left hand corner, click on the ‘Live Quote Array’ icon/button.
    9. Change the network server to $quotes$. Click ‘OK’
    10. Enter the symbol in UPPER CASE letters in the column next to the ‘price’ field but 2 rows below (row 3). Click on the lower right hand corner of the cell and drag across to row to column 6 (under time)
    11. Click once again on ‘Live Quote Array’. Click ‘OK’
    12. Wait a moment and the quotes will appear on the spreadsheet.
    13. To enter additional symbols, repeat steps 10 – 12. Enter the subsequent symbols in the row under the previous symbol.

    If you have any questions please let us know.
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    Quicken Quotes Live offers a link that works well. The after hours and pre-market quotes are questionable especially for QQQ.
  6. I use Qlink every day with Excel. No problems.
  7. For those of you who use Qlink, and would like to have Lycos support this product, please let Lycos know your interest.

    Perhaps they've underestimated the user base for Qlink and will allocate resources to it if enough users get their attention.

    Here's their feedback form:
  8. Okay on the feedback to LYCOS. Thanks for the link, I used it as you suggested.