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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by bbb2, Apr 16, 2004.

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    Where can i see stock prices in real time, not with delay?

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  3. scottrade does provide free quotes but I and many others noticed that their quotes are many times inaccurate or lagging. Be careful.

    I am unaware of another totally free service.

    If you open an Ameritrade account you can use their streamer. You pay inactivity fee of $5/mo.

    You can also open an account at MBTrading and use their navigator. No inactivity fee whatsoever. That's basically free quotes.

    eSignal offers "MarketCenter", quotes for stocks options and futures for $15/mo.

    Have fun
  4. You can use QuoteTracker ( with your brokerage account, subscription datafeed, or even Scottrader, though as it has already been said - Scottrade's datafeed is not something I would use when real money is on the line.

    QuoteTracker can be used for free or registered. Registration is included for MB Trading, CyberTrader, optionsXpress and XoomTrade clients.