Real-time point and figure charting - low cost

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TraderD, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. TraderD



    I am using IB and eSignal. I plan to drop eSignal due to its price - IB free charts are good enough for most of the charting I do with eSignal. But IB does not have PnF charts.

    Are there tools which would work with IB well? How is medved for PnF? With eSignal I can create PnF chart using 1 sec or tick intervals. I am looking to do the same for (much) less using IB feed.

    Also, if some brokers offer real time PNF charts, please recommend. I can use them as a backup.

  2. elit


    Bull's-Eye Broker 5 has real-time point and figure for both eSignal and Interactive Brokers IB TWS. I use it and love it. I use it instead of eSignal's P&F.

    You will find it at
  3. Visaria


    I'm trialling v5 of Bulls Eye. How do you connect to Interactive Brokers data feed?
  4. You might want to check Ninjatrader as I know they offer PnF charts. I can't recall if they require tick data to create them, though.
    Price is right to take a look (free).
  5. Visaria


    Thanks, will have a look. :D