Real time PNL in excel with Trader Workstation

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  1. Has anyone managed to get the real time PNL in Excel? I want to know what my pnl is after all the stocks open.
  2. using average price would not work for my calculations by the way, I want to realtime YTD pnl per fund or daily pnl
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    Take a look at
    It is a free dashboard interface with IB with live PnL in Excel
  4. how do i know this is not a keylogger designed to empty my account? what if you wire my money to your account?
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    Of course anything is possible but IB security wouldnt allow that :)

    We are a regulated company in Australia we are real people you can look at our bio's on the website. This project was simply my way of giving back, you are welcome to try it or give it a miss. No skin off my back.

    Btw, it is a fair question and the first one we have had after about 1000 downloads.

  6. will give it a try, thanks.
    how much has your hedge fund make in the last years?
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    we are up around 15% p.a over the last 1.5yrs but that is for another discussion or forum, I am not looking to raise money here.
  9. does your fund have a website?
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