Real Time or Not?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by traderTX, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. First off, I am NOT a computer guy at all....I know how to use it, but I get all of my computers built/supported, and trading systems programmed offsite. Now for the questions:

    I just put a new computer into my network. It is just a trading comp, but occasional internet use may occur, as its a laptop, and if I ever travel I'll check the mail on it etc. (otherwise I have a second dedicated desktop for trading and an older dedicated desktop for internet at the office). I am also cheap, so I downloaded the PC Tools free Antivirus program. My question is this:

    1. is this program adequate
    2. it has a "real time" scanner that can be turned on or off. This seems like it would slow my system down, and could cause quotes to that the case?

    Thanks for any insight you all can provide.

  2. mtt


    I would personally pay for a good anti-virus program but if you want something free, possibly AVG or PC Tools are good alternatives but just know they will not give you 100% protection. They will give you the bare minimum that you need. If you go with the free route, just implement strict rules as to what you do. Visit well known sites, don't open suspicious things, don't download too many unknown things, etc...

    Don't run scans while getting streaming quotes. Things will lag because these programs are big resource hogs. Just schedule things after trading or away from the keyboard.
  3. I use Avast, it is one of the best and free and does not use much resources. Been using it for years with no problems.