real time news?

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  1. Extreme depth and breadth. Consider it the WSJ of news services - the standard bearer. Used it for some years when I held a real job and never even began to scratch the surface of its capabilities. If I hit some profit targets I'll be getting one at home ...
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  2. How much $$$ is a terminal?
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  3. matt5555


    A lot. I played with one today at Wharton (Upenn)... they have a public bloomberg terminal there (two screens)... it's been a while since I used it, I would love one at home
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  4. depends on what feeds you subscribe to. it can be from 1400 to over 2k
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  5. klev


    I get real-time news alerts with Stock Watch Pro ( )...not sure if this is what you are looking for but worth taking a look...
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  6. Any real-time news that must be typed out and passed through edit/compliance must also be delayed.

    Good thing about Bloomberg is that they rush out headlines and drafts as news breaks.

    Better yet, just listen to Bloomberg Radio on the internet - the broadcasters can speak faster than they can type & it is all real-time. Bloomberg radio will queu the market-moving news to the fore, but with a terminal you still have to seek out and read a text report.
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  7. Toonces


    Can someone give an example of what Bloomberg puts out that provides trading opps? Is any of it stock specific, or is it all related to the market as a whole?
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