real time news?

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  1. Not only is Briefing news usually quite old, but there are sharpshooters that indiscriminately buy anything they mention, literally 1 or 2 seconds after it appears. Done by computer for all I know.

    So even if you are fast, you will be paying up(or down) for anything mentioned.
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  2. i'mlong


    The Fly on the Wall is not real time news either.
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  3. I have friends at ETG as I used to be a trader there. They tell me that ETG is giving them this service if you are in an office for free for now and working on getting it for all their traders, both customers and prop including remote.

    Why is this service so dependant on this Ogg guy? I thought it was just reading the important headlines. What talent is needed and is ETG wasting their money?
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    on news, I don't think it matters if the news is old. As a stock daytrader, you want to know where the action is, being first doesn't guarantee you'll make money.
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  5. ...admittedly this is not the advice you're looking for, but IMO the price IS the news. What if the news is good and the price goes down, or vice versa (very common in index instruments)? My advice is to pay attention to that legendary trader Paul Simon (it is not well known that he sings trading advice): "I get all the news I need on the weather report". (from The Only Living Boy in New York). I never watch the news. It only distracts me from what PRICE thinks about the news. If you absolutely must look at something other than price, look at porno.
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  6. The best news service is bloomberg. That is why is so expensive. I have a bloomberg terminal and it is worth every cent.

    The next best thing to your own terminal is Jon Ogg at trade the news in my opinion.
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  7. you can get realtime DowJones Newswire for $20/month at

    I haven't tried it myself but i think it's the best offer you'll ever get.

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    That's not the same as the newsfeed you get from the big feeds like TracData. They don't even have the MOC imbalances on there.

    I tried DowJonesNews Plus and was disappointed. With the last big Greenspan announcement, they were at least a minute behind.

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    What's so great about Bloomberg news?
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  10. IMO,

    Bloomberg's got the best news feed but it would work better if you have a dedicated news reader.

    I tested and it was pretty good. But they are definitley a bit slow with the reads and by the time the guy spells out the ticker, the stock has jumped already. I wish the guy would show a little excitement when there's an FDA approval and stay away from the porn sites
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