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    I am looking to subscribe to some type of real-time news. Does anyone have any suggestions. How much does DJ news cost? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Try
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    briefing is not real time. and some of it is just chatter.
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    I have an acct w/datek & dj news is free w/apex status, otherwise it's about 30 or 40 bux a mo.
  5. is good. DJNewswire's is pretty good.

    Briefing was what daytraders were mostly using 2-3 years ago.

    If you see something there it might still be tradeable but its almost always been out for a while. Almost all of the news and rumors posted there are taken from live feeds and other places.
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    at $475 a month works great, but lately its been slipping
    as the man ogg hasnt been on the hoot
  8. It doesnt seem like Ogg cares much about his business -- as the people he has working for him are doing a very poor job and the service no longer adds much value -- Its too bad - he had a good thing - but with him seeming to do less and less of the news reporting - the service has gone down the tubes ---
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    Haven't been able to get service from tradethenews since they won't let people subscribe if they trade at a firm unless of course the entire firm signs up.
  10. Any opinions about The Fly On The Wall?
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