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  1. I presently subscribe to While their "In Play" and "upgrades and downgrades" in real time are somtimes OK, more often than not they seem to be about 30-45 minutes after the stock has already responded to the news.

    Is there any service that provides more timely news alerts. Does First Alert provide this capability as a standalone or is it necessary to subscribe to the whole enchillada ? Are there any other with timely news alerts at a reasonable cost ?

  2. bloomberg is good - that is if you want to spend $1700/mo
  3. Takes big, big bucks to get the news first.
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    Dow jones news service is real time and fast. Ameritrade offers it for 29.95 and so does many other brokers and data feeds. I also subscribe to and i think its about 3-5 minutes slow.
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    This link, the homepage for this company, has spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. That's a bad sign on any company's homepage and doubly so for a media company.
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    Tried, and Still keep, but it is not any better then others.

    They are all about the same, all show some news and miss others. They are all equally late and because of it pretty much useless for daytrading, at least in "trading the news" sense.
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    all i know is that its good and fast
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