real-time market data feed to be shown on public website.

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by salehi, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. salehi


    I have a question regarding the data feeds. Has anybody got a quote for getting such access (only the last trade prices and the volumes).

    I was the site which is providing free real-time data through BATS exchange, but I couldn't find and API or data vendor for bats data (except xignite which is not what I am looking for).

    We can afford up to $2K monthly, is this too low for this sort of data access? And, does anybody knows any data provider with some sort of API for BATS exchange ?

    I also noticed the iqfeed offers the data feed for business use (professionals), not sure what does the commercial use mean in their description. I suppose I need to order a non-professional license for each user account on the public site we are working on.

    Any other recommendation is welcomed :)

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  2. Occam


    NxCore provides an execution-only feed (the minimum type of feed they sell for equities) for a few hundred a month, I think, but that's only for one user. For data you publish on a Web site, you might want to ask them.