Real-time L1 data through API supporting > 1000 symbols

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  1. Where can one obtain real-time L1 bid/ask/size/last/etc quotes via an API? I don't want some retail-level solution or some Excel DDE thing.

    NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX, and CME if available
    L1 bid/ask/size/time and sales/etc
    > 1000 symbol registration
    real-time streaming data

    So far I'm aware of (NxCore), are there any other similar options, perhaps for cheaper than the $700/month Nanex is asking?
  2. Occam


    Both DTN IQFeed and Townsend Analytics (RealTick) once allowed you to "upgrade" their services to go something over 1000 symbols; not sure if this is the case anymore.
  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    All that's possible with an eSignal enterprise API. To learn more, please fill-out the information form located towards the bottom of this page.

    Thanks and good luck in your search.
  4. [citation]
    "QuoteSource is ideal for accessing large amounts of real-time or delayed data through a decoded ASCII data stream over TCP/IP."

    Where can I find details about your Quotesource product?
    Is the API freely available for studying & testing?
  5. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    If you can fill out this form, one of our specialists will contact you and address your questions.

  6. What a complicated process to get basic info about a product.
    Never mind, I did what you said, using a fake name of course :)
  7. Still waiting to hear back from you, eSignal.
  8. they never got back to me either (esignal enterprise feed). this was last year. i even called a local rep which i scrounged off one of their company directory's. spoke to him, had an hour chat. he never got back to me either, even after multiple voice mails (i had money to spend as well). don't bother.

    decent retail product though.