Real Time Fx and Gold Trades by F3.

Discussion in 'Journals' started by F3., Jun 23, 2006.

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    Starting Monday 26 June I will be posting all my fx and gold trades as they happen.
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    Well I know I said I would start Monday .However usdcad has triggered unexpectedly so...

    Long usdcad at 1.1245
    stop and reverse at 1.1191
    1st target at 1.1295
  3. I will be looking forward to seeing any posted gold trades

    hopefully even if they are "paper" trades you will provide
    a reason for the trades .... not just

    posting entry level , profit target , stop loss level

    are these swing trades or day trades by the way ?

    good luck to you
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    Hi Seth .

    Firstly every trade is generated by my F3 trading system. it is 100% mechanical and completely set and forget.

    As far as gold calls go ...may be a while before the 1 st one is triggered as my system has me short.
    I can estimate that I will only be going long above 610.00

    I have been trading F3 for 2 years now...with very good results. Im not going post past results as that seems to open a can of worms on these boards...why not just start the score board ticking from here.This way there can be no debate as I will post my trades and their contingents as i place them.

    I trade fx through GFT and gold through IB.
    I am in no way affiliated with either.
    The system is not and never will be for sale.
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    USDCAD : stop and reverse working from 1.1191 for double the volume.1st TP at 1.1142
    Stop and reverse at 1.1232