Real Time Futures viewed in Excel

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by thereuare, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. Does anybody know of a service that provides real time futures (specifically the E-mini contracts) that allow export to Excel using a DDE.

    This allows one to view the prices, in real time as they change, directly in Excel.

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    there are so many :
    esignal, even some brokers allow you to link to excel.
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    I've seen a couple ads in the past few years for an Excel application that uses data from I have never used the service, or any of barchart's streaming-data services, but it would be worth dropping an e-mail and ask them if they still offer the excel service. At least you wouldn't have to pay for a Tradestation, DTNiq, etc to get the Excel app.
  4. So what is the cheapest data provider that offers this feature:

    ESignal $99/mo ??/mo

    Is anybody using a provider with this feature cheaper than $99/mo?
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  6. Couldn't get link to work, can you please try to repost it?

    I did make it to their homepage, but not sure which product of theirs you are refering to.

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    the link is fixed now. try it again
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    Try this link: That's the home page. Look on the lower-left margin of the page. You'll see a little icon that says something like "EXCEL ADD-IN". Click on the link and it will take you to the page with more details. If you happen to use the service, drop me a line - I'm curious as to your experience with it, usability, etc.