Real time forex news - Which one ?

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  1. Hello friends,
    Could someone take me to right direction.
    Which Software is there if any.. that provides real time news update concerning the forex market.

    Do you guys use any yourself to be alert for any economic news..
  2. I think you didn't get my question
    I am not looking for economic calendar.

    i am looking for a paid or free subscription, that gives upto second financial news, european ministers update, etc..etc...

    Do you guys use any ?
  3. JamesL


    Bloomberg terminal
    Reuters 3000 Xtra
    Trade the News
    Oanda News app
  4. The usual suspects Dow, Reuters, and Bloomberg provide real-time market news. Also, theflyonthewall, celerity, ravenpack, and recordedfuture. You can select what sort of news you want them to send to you. I do not do news trading so I cannot comment on them. Good luck. If you find a news provider that you like please write your experience.
  5. well it's not too sophisticated, but most forex news happens in the middle of the night USA time. I just keep bloomberg tv on in the background. It's too slow to trade off of, but they pride themselves in being the first to tell you the news, and it will explain that big candle on the chart.

    I also don't trade news, but that economic calendar is something to keep in mind if you have a large profit, or a large loss you are concerned about.

    You can always take it off before and put it back on after.

    I doubt very seriously that any small retail trader can trade news. But if you just want to know what the hell happened, bloomberg or cnbw is as good as anything.
  6. I am a bit confused where does RanSquawk gets there news from.

    Also like sometimes after 1-2 hours when Bloomberg TV or CNN tv shows a recap of EuroZone Meeting, or IMF Meeting, so there was actually a video live.

    So where such Video Live can be viewed ? Instead of watching a recap 1-2 hours.

    Also i am a bit confused, sometimes 5-7 seconds before the data actually showing on Bloomberg TV, the market starts moving in to the direction.. So it means somewhere or so, the data comes 2-5 seconds before showing on TV.
  7. Actually i am not a news trader too..
    I am a day trader, and sometimes scalping.
    But sometimes its important to have all information, as to be aware if the action taking is correct..
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