Real Time Forex News & Economic News Feed?

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  1. Hello,
    Does anyone know any site offering a platform to be able to receive real time forex news, along with economic news feed, such us when all the US, UK, Asia economic news come out..

    Bloomberg / Reuters are quite expensive, to pay 1,850+ a month.
  2. it's not as complicated as you think. Most of these reports and meetings are announced well in advance. You can find several just by googling "forex calendar" until you find one you like.

    So now you know what to watch out for and when. If the results are anything of consequence, they will announce it on the eurpoean session on tv on Bloomberg tv or cnbc.

    I know Oanda has a news feed that is prettty detailed. My broker has one, but I never use it.

    Those forex calendars will help you quite a bit, since you have a few days ahead of time to research the consensus, and decide if and how you want to play it. Sometimes you don't even need to know the actual news, just how the market reacts.

    It's very rare for some unexpected event to affect the market, and if it does, both bloomberg and cnbc pride themselves in being the first to break it.
  3. Yes, i know about the economic forex calendar.
    But sometimes a sudden news comes up, maybe some european finance minister comes up and speaks something etc..etc..
    Is there any such news feed, which provides all such information..
    Bloomberg and CNBC TV wont always show this..
  4. do you have an example of when bloomberg or cnbc were late or neglected to report as breaking news anytime some European finance minister said anything unexpected?

    They have millions invested in getting that news first. I doubt you will find any subscription service that can out do them.

    If you want analysis and comment, well that's another matter.
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    yes actually you can look at the yen recently, when surprise elections were announced, nothing on cnbc/bbg until the selloff was well underway.
  6. by the time a politician's bullshit is reported prices have already reacted and the news
    services catch up and thereby provide an explanation of why the price spiked up or down

    but, how did the traders hear the quote ? so far as the euro's concerned the traders are
    in Europe and possibly listening to a live broadcast of the 'meeting'/QandA session, so
    unless one's hooked into that . . .

    the closest one might get is a squawk box from the trading pit. never listened to one nor
    can I suggest one, but if available you might try that
  7. there is no such thing as insider trading in forex, so you have to believe somebody in that room at least has a cell phone and is texting buy or sell to the trader.
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    actually that is not true, look at CHF and how the central bank prez's wife sold CHF before they devalued it and pegged to the euro.
  9. I can ask Ben Bernanke's butler if he has heard anything and trade off it and there's not a thing they can do to me.
  10. although it would probably cost the butler his job, if not Ben's.

    Nothing they did in Switzerland was illegal, just embarrassing.
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