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    Futuresystem started 1 year ago. The purpose was to create a real time expirement for a CAC40 trading system, by posting all transactions (with their stop loss and targets) in real time. What are the results ?

    The fund started with a 316,400 Euro capital on the 6th Seprember 2002 (cac40 was then @ 3246). Based on a standard position of 10 lots for medium term position and 10 lots for short term position , the maximum leverage was twice the size of the fund if we are at the same time long (short) on both positions.

    We excluded any interests revenues from this capital , which should add around 2% in return. Commissions have cost 4.32% of the capital with a commission of 3.23 per lot.

    The fund is up 63.46%, with an annualized volatility of 22.42% and a Sharpe ratio of 5.04.

    With respect to our short term transactions, 67% are positive for a 24.33 points average profit . The average loss for 33% of all trades is 23.74 points. 208 transactions for the whole year which makes less than 1 trade per open day.

    This experiment is a real success and I intend to continue it for 1 more year before building something more serious.
  2. solid. where can i find out more.
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    What are the advantages trading the CAC vis a vis the ES or NQ? What are the trading hours expressed in EST?

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    cac40 has one big interest. it is the european future with the biggest trading time from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm french time

    Furthermore. its volatility is between spx and ndx , which is rather interesting.

    SPX sucks: it really does not move, while ndx can be a bit too rocky
  6. Interesting indeed.

    Don't you get thrown around at the opening times for the US? (3.30p.m. European time). - Ftse futures used to be awful for about 30 mins while the US settled down...

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    you will be amazed how you can find some very easy patterns between us futures and european futures around us opening and also europe open.

    I am pretty sure some big hedge funds are playing this game
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    Way to go!

    I dig your stats!

    What is the initial starting capital requirement to trade this methodology? And what is the minimum tick/pt size in terms of US $$$'s?

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    1 lot cac40 is 10 times the index ie 10 x 3400 = 34,000 euros. I think you need a deposit of around 2,500 to 5,000 euros

    For my methodology you need to trade at the minimum 2 lots: so I would guess at the minimum 10,000 euros.
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    intraday statistics for FOMC events show a steady and slow uptrend for SPX until the release of FOMC

    between 0.50% and 1%. we already made +0.25%

    Then after a few violkent moves the market will tell the right direction
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