Real-Time Excel Quotes

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Im Bullish, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Here is my problem:

    I currently use Esignal DDE links..... I have a spreadsheet where I input tickers in column A and want the last quote to appear in column B... I periodically change the tickers in column A and want the =WINROS|LAST"ticker" in column B to update accordingly....

    Anyone know how I can do this??

    I've been told to use the Sigtools toolbar/application; atlhough, I do not seem to have it installed within my Esignal program files, (I swear by using Esignal Version 8 and I'm guessing Sigtools was not included in Version 8).....

    I also use eTikr but it looks like the links to the data feeds are limited to the eTikr program, (and cannot be implemented into my own spreadsheets)

    I also use the SMF-Add In to get historical data from YahooFinance - I am assuming there is a way to get up-to-date quotes, but I'm sure they are delayed?

    Anyone know of a free add-in that will enable real-time quotes?
  2. Can't quite understand your problem from the description. Sounds like you need a bit of VBA to do this. For example:
    Range("B1").Formula ="WINROS|LAST" & "" & Range("A1") & """

    The above will put the proper DDE command in column B using a symbol placed in column A. It assumes the symbol is encapsulated in double-quotes.

    I believe you can subscribe to Yahoo quotes for a realtime feed fairly cheaply. Randy's add-in will then effectively give you realtime quotes every second for instance. You'll have to implement a timer.